Lymphology . 1998 Jun;31(2):56-64.  A randomized study comparing manual lymph drainage with sequential pneumatic compression for treatment of postoperative arm lymphedema.
Johansson K, Lie E, Ekdahl C, Lindfeldt J.

Manual lymph drainage (MLD) was compared with Lympha Press® for treatment of unilateral arm lymphedema in 28 women previously treated for breast cancer. Following two weeks of therapy with a standard compression sleeve with maintenance of steady arm volume, patients were randomly assigned to either of two treatment regimens (MLD performed according to Vodder technique for 45 min./day, and Lympha Press® with a pressure of 40-60 mmHg for two hours/day). Both treatments were carried out for two weeks.

RESULTS: MLD and Lympha Press® each significantly decreased arm volume but no significant difference was detected between the two treatment methods.