Case reports

Patients treated with Lympha Press® compression therapy systems

Note: These pictures are clinical in nature and graphically depict moderate to severe cases of lymphedema.

Case 1: Congenital lymphedema in 16 year old boy










Case 2: Moderate lower-limb lymphedema









Case 3: Post-traumatic lymphedema in 48-year old man







Case 4: Postmastectomy lymphedema









Case 5: Primary lymphedema successfully treated with combination therapy.

33 year old woman, treated with combination manual lymph drainage, Lympha Press®, bandaging, and exercise at the Lympho-Opt Klinik in Hohenstadt, Germany, for a period of six months, followed by 10 months of maintenance care (Lympha Press®, nighttime bandaging, daytime medical stockings) at home.







Case 6: Lymphedema with fibrosis successfully treated with Lympha Press.