Journal of Innovative Optical Health Sciences Vol. 10, No. 2 (2016)
Effect of pneumatic compression therapy on lymph movement in lymphedema-affected extremities, as assessed by near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging
Aldrich MB, Gross D, Morror JR, Fife CE, Rasmussen JC.

Near-infrared fluorescence lymphatic imaging in primary and secondary lymphedema patients prior to treatment showed significant  dysfunction of lymph transport in the extremities under study, with little to no movement of lymph. Imaging of the same areas during and after treatment with Lympha Press® showed significant movement of lymph, both into and through the lymph vessels,  and  from distal to proximal in the tissue space. In one subject with sufficient patent lymphatic vessels to allow the investigators to quantify lymph pumping velocities and frequencies, these values were significantly increased during and after Lympha Press treatment as compared to pre-treatment values. Lymphatic contractile activity in patent lymphatic vessels occurred in concert with the sequential cycling of the Lympha Press.

RESULTS:  Direct visualization revealed increased lymphatic function, during and after Lympha Press therapy, in all lymphedema affected extremities.