Comfysleeve 12 Chamber Leg Garment + +Optimal Plus +Model


Lympha Press® systems are designed for optimal treatment and easy operation.

The most versatile and advanced systems  

  • Short cycle maximizes lymphatic uptake and makes treatment more efficient.
  • Smart technology provides accurate pressure, for every size garment.
  • Adaptive pause ensures complete deflation in between compressions for lymphatic refill.
  • Advanced treatment sequences including Pretherapy™ based on manual lymph drainage.

Innovative and unique garments

  • Sturdy, high-quality garments designed for maximum patient compliance and comfort
  • Multiple overlapping chambers move fluids efficiently from distal to proximal, without gaps.
  • Innovative, groundbreaking torso garments, and specialized extremity garments: including the patented Lympha Pants® that treat the genital, abdominal, hip and buttock areas as well as legs and our Lympha Jacket® ,Comfysleeve™ 1-75 and ComfyLite™ that treat areas that accumulate edema in breast-conserving surgeries and mastectomy: axilla, shoulder, chest, abdomen, and arm.