Opportunity for medical professionals

December 2018

The LE&RN Seminar for Physicians Lymphatic-Vascular Disease – Diagnosis and Treatment, in association with Lymphedema Seminars, is now available online. This course was originally provided in person in a marathon daylong session with world leaders in the field of lymphedema. Now it’s available online for easy access. Physicians and other medical professionals can earn up to 7 continuing medical education credits online, and gain other benefits by participating. Highly recommended, and an opportunity not to be missed.
See the link below:

Oscar Award Winning Actress Kathy Bates talks lymphedema

November 2018

Kathy Bates is a famous actor. She has lymphedema, and is an activist and spokeswoman for the Lymphedema Education and Research Network.
Kathy gave a spellbinding speech at the November 3, 2018, Harvard Lymphedema Symposium.
You can listen and watch at the link below:

A pill for lymphedema? Let's hope……

October 2018

Two small pilot studies of the drug ketoprofen, conducted at Stanford University have shown some improvement in skin elasticity and thickness in patients who took the medication. While promising, it is too early to tell whether the drug is can be used to effectively treat lymphedema. Something to note: the study participants were cautioned that long-term use of ketoprofen can cause gastrointestinal or cardiovascular issues. Another clinical study at Stanford tested the drug bestatin, but this trial was halted by the drug manufacturer due to lack of evidence the drug was working. We hope to see better results with ketoprofen!
Studies like these are essential in making headway towards a therapy in pill form.
You can read more about the Stanford study here: