Video – Maintaining a lymphedema self-care program at home

The COVID-19 situation has suspended clinic visits for many lymphedema patients who need them.  A good self-care lymphedema treatment program can help patients care for their lymphedema at home during this time of social distancing.  Self-care for lymphedema includes lymphatic breathing, exercise, and self-manual lymph drainage, which can be used together with Lympha Press® treatments or by themselves, along with skin care and compression garment use, as recommended by the patient’s medical practitioner.

Lympha Press® is pleased to present a patient video by leading lymphedema physical therapist, Lesli Bell. Lesli demonstrates techniques of lymphatic breathing, basic self lymphatic drainage massage, and exercise tips for lymphedema.

Lesli R Bell PT DPT, CLT-LANA,  is the chairperson for Lymphatic Diseases Special Interest Group at the Academy of Oncologic Physical Therapists, American Physical Therapy Association, and the owner of Timberlane Physical Therapy in Winooski, Vermont, USA. 


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Watch the video