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Lympha Press® Optimal Plus™

The optimal choice for treatment of lymphedema and lipedema

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The Lympha Press® allows me to be compliant, because it is easier to use, and it’s effective.” Lymphedema patient Cam Ayala talks about his experience with the Lympha Press® Optimal Plus.

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Venous Stasis Ulcers

Clinical evidence:
Lympha Press® increases lymph vessel function

Lympha Press® is the only pneumatic compression therapy system proven to stimulate the lymphatics in lymphedema-affected extremities.

Physicians, therapists and patients seeking solution for lymphedema, lipedema or venous insufficiency wounds can put their trust in Lympha Press® therapy.

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LymphaTrack™ Mobile Application

Take an active role in managing your lymphedema condition with the LymphaTrackTM  mobile application.
Designed with leading therapists,  LymphaTrack™ treatment diary
helps you record and track symptoms and treatments.  
Your  home lymphedema treatment program.
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