Lymphology, 45 (Suppl), 367-370.
Practical lymphedema self-management: An assessment of patient satisfaction and perceived effectiveness of treatment modalities.
Ashforth K, Cosentino J.

The purpose of this study was to examine preference for, and compliance with home treatment modalities for individuals living with lymphedema. Thirty people with lymphedema resulting from cancer with surgery and lymph node excision were surveyed for satisfaction and compliance with their home care regimen. All had received treatment with compression, skin care, elevation, exercise and training in self-performance of manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). Those surveyed carried out individualized home programs which included self-MLD, bandaging, elastic, quilted and rigid compression garments, and use of an intermittent pneumatic compression pump (IPC).

RESULTS: Those who had access to all modalities (based on insurance coverage) rated pneumatic compression most effective (100%) followed by quilted compression (72.7%) and MLD and elastic compression (each 63.6%).