Angio Press®

Angio Press® is a home-care device for the enhancement of blood flow in patients diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) to reduce walking pain, heal ischemic wounds, and prevent amputations.

Angio Press® rapidly inflates specially designed leg sleeves, first compressing the sole of the foot and then the calf, emptying the venous blood and moving it quickly towards the heart. This rapid compression and release increases the arteriovenous gradient and causes increased arterial inflow and perfusion.

Regular Angio Press® treatments assist the body to form bypasses around the blockages in the arteries, for improved circulation even after treatment is discontinued.

Angio Press®Unique sleeve design applies direct compression to the sole of foot and the calf muscle pump.


  • Sequential
  • 80-120 mmHg
  • 2.8 Kg
  • 13.3 cm X 14.2 cm X 29.2 cm
  • 230V/115V 50/60 Hz