Lympha Press Optimal®

Lympha Press Optimal® – Advanced dynamic compression with Pretharpy™ ,based on the manual lymph drainage. 

The Lympha Press Optimal® offers three different treatment modes:

  • The unique Pretherapy™, designed on the principles of manual lymph drainage. This mode first drains the proximal (nearest) areas of the body , preparing them to accept the lymphatic fluid that will be mobilized during the main treatment cycle, either the Lympha  mode or the Wave mode.
  • Lymph Sequential mode – the cells in the garment inflate one by one, starting over the hand or foot. This creates a gentle “milking” pressure wave.
  • Wave™ peristaltic mode for comfortable and effective treatment in patients with distal discomfort. Only three cells inflated at any , moving in a waveform up the limb to the torso.


Lympha Press Optimal® features:

  • Adjustable range 20 to 90 mmHg in a gradient, to enhance distal to proximal flow
  • Lympha Press® Smart Technology™ “learns” the patient’s individual size and applies accurate pressure to each chamber
  • User-friendly, clear interface
  • Programmable via computer, for pressure adjustment of individual chambers

Lympha Press Optimal® is compatible with comprehensive range of unique and innovative garments:

Comfysleeve™ , 12 Chambers Leg Sleeve

FL, Leg Sleeve

Comfysleeve™ 1-75

Lympha Jacket ®

Lympha Pants ®

Lympha Pants® XL

Lympha Pod  ®

Read about the Lympha Press ® Indications and Contraindications here …  

  • Lympha Press Optimal® ,model 1201
  • Pretherapy, Sequential, Peristaltic
  • 20-90 mmHg
  • 6.5 Kg / 14.3 lbs
  • 15x32x38.5cm / 6x12.5x15.3 in
  • 115V/ 230V 50~60Hz