Advance for Physical Therapy and Rehab Medicine, 23(15), 19-21 (2012)
Proper Pressure: Transitioning lymphedema patients to home care with pneumatic compression.
Ashforth K.

This article describes the application and use of Lympha Press® pneumatic compression for home care, including types of systems, criteria for selection, contraindications and choice of pressure. If edema is limited to the extremities, an extremity-only appliance is usually sufficient and has the advantage of being lower profile and easier to comply with. However, if the lymphatic system in the trunk is damaged, it needs treatment as well. Appliances have been developed to treat the trunk and torso. Pneumatic compression can be particularly effective for patients who have widespread edema or have limited range of motion, strength and endurance. Patients using pneumatic compression at home have high compliance and satisfaction levels.

RESULTS: As an adjunctive treatment for appropriate patients, pneumatic compression is an effective tool for achieving decongestion in both the acute and maintenance phases of treatment. Its high degree of patient acceptance, as well as availability, make it a valuable treatment option.